5 Tips on Overcoming Insecurity as a Screenwriter

What is writer insecurity and how does it affect you?

I know some of you are thinking that writer insecurity sounds a lot like writer’s block. Well, it is. Being insecure about your writing is a block that you have to overcome if you want to be a professional writer.

If you’re like me, you’re so obsessed with writing the best possible screenplay, that you’re paralyzed every time you sit down to write anything. The voice inside your head is no longer telling you, “You can do this!” Instead, it’s constantly telling you that your work’s not good enough.

There’re a few things that I’ve done recently to change that narrative. These five things have given me the confidence I needed to keep writing and set realistic goals.

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1. Read The Artist’s Way

I could do an entire blog post on how much love this book. The Artist’s Way is basically therapy for artist. Julia Cameron writes this book for all artist, but I’ve found it especially useful for writers. I still write “Morning pages” and have found this to be one of the best tools I’ve found as a writer. I recommend buying this book and rereading it at least once a year to help you get in touch with your inner creativity.

2. Listen to the Headway App

What I like about this App is that they have so many different self-help books available for you to listen to. This is a subscription-based app with several options available based on your budget. I found that once I started listening to these books that I couldn’t stop. I love that these books are summarized so that you can listen to the main points of each book in as little as fifteen minutes. Sometimes these little nuggets of knowledge are all you need to keep going.

3. Follow the Screenwriting Life Podcast

This is one of the best podcasts for screenwriter’s that I’ve found. Meg LeFauve and Lorien McKenna are both professional screenwriters that have worked for Pixar. They have extensive knowledge on the subject and give great insider tips on the craft of screenwriting. They are entertaining and open about their own struggles with writing. As of now, they have over fifty episodes available to listen to for free.

4. Watch Philosophies for Life Youtube Videos

Sometimes you just need a GoalCast video to get you through your day. I’ve found a several other channels that are a great source of information. What I love about Philosophies for Life is that they break down obscure philosophical ideas into short videos so that they are easily digestible. These videos helped me understand the complicated nature of our lives and how to overcome daily obstacles.

5. Make a Declaration

At the end of all of this you should be able to say without a shadow of a doubt that you are in fact a screenwriter.  You will be fully confident that you can sit down and write a 90–120 page screenplay. It may not be perfect in fact it will probably just be average, but at least you now have something to build on. Maybe keep something around that reminds you of the journey you took to overcome your insecurity as a writer. Make realistic goals, set yourself up for success, and stop worrying if your work is good. You are your toughest critic and always will be. At some point you have to learn to tell yourself, “Shut up.” Once you can do that, you can do anything.